#CrAL Teacher Handbook

The work of the seven partners from six countries (Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia and Lithuania) for the CrAL – Creative Audiovisual Lab, aimed at promoting critical thinking and literacy, continues.

The partners are working to produce a teacher handbook listing the different stages of the creative process, from its beginning to its completion, including practical exercises to be given to the students.

The method introduces a first approach concerning the fundamental dynamics of the visual and representational process that can be decontextualised from those common logical connections that permeate rational thought and written and spoken verbal communication.

The methodology shows us the existence of an active literacy of “moving images” that influences our way of thinking and seeing reality.

This language has different characteristics from verbal thinking and articulated language.

The process develops a reflection linked to the way and choice of framing and narrating a given situation and above all stimulates a strong aptitude for “external” observation of the images produced or to be produced.

The observation leads the subject to separate from a direct and unconscious involvement and to enter in relation with the visual production, with time and movements.

In summary, the aim of this phase will be to

– Become aware of one’s own reactions to external stimuli

– Understand what a representational action is

– Define the concept of image

– Understand the importance of point of view

– Understand the importance of conflict as a fundamental element of narrative

– Understanding the language of images

– To understand the process of reproduction of reality through the language of cinema.

The manual will also include some exercises in which the teacher can suggest how to collect personal notebooks, diaries and agendas in which to write down ideas, thoughts, plans and above all to begin to observe the proportions between written text and graphic elements, the possibility of choosing one approach or the other, and above all to begin to understand the relationship between representational and written content.

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Credits: by Bianca Maria Zaccheo

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Credits: by Bianca Maria Zaccheo

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