Italian Soundscape of COVID19

by Sabina Magrini, Director of ICBSA

Subscriptions are growing day by day to to #aprolafinestraeregistro #iorestoacasa an initiative born in March 2020 to document the Soundscape of Covid19, developed  from an appeal by the Istituto Centrale per i Beni Sonori ed Audiovisivi,   in collaboration with the Department of Cultural Heritage of University of Padua and LYS – Locate Your Sound.
In a nutshell: an invitation to collect spontaneously sound documentation concerning our streets and our lives in the era of Covid 19 in full compliance with government regulations for the safety of all. Among the main institutions that have joined so far are: the newly formed Veneto Film Commission, directed by Jacopo Chessa and the AITS (Italian Association of Sound Technicians) chaired by Adriano Di Lorenzo. But also the AIA (Italian Authors Association) chaired by Renato Marengo. These partners all witness the importance of the sound element in the emotional perception of these days. There is also great interest for this project in the world of schools and universities: e.g. our friends of Ecofonie who have chosen the LYS platform for the #finestreinascolto project (music education Forum, in collaboration with; or the Florestano Vancini School of Cinematographic Art of Ferrara. The project also involves more than one hundred students enrolled in the Arts, Music, Entertainment, Multimedia and Tourism Studies at Padua University; students as well as making the recordings directly, actively involve the population in order to increase the number of soundscapes represented.

YouTube – Appello alla spontanea raccolta di documentazione sonora. Paesaggi Sonori Italiani – #COVID19

Bianca Maria Zaccheo, redattore

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